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Protesters Want Immigration on Front Burner

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Protesters Want Immigration on Front Burner

Lulu, a student at Chicago’s Harold Washington College, steps off her bus. (Peter Holderness/WBEZ)

Thousands of Illinoisans are arriving in Washington to protest Sunday afternoon for an immigration overhaul. We report from a bus full of young people that’s approaching the capital.

Audio Slideshow: On the road with undocumented youths.

The youths include many undocumented immigrants who’ve grown up in the Chicago area. They need legal status to qualify for student financial aid and begin their careers.

Nathalia, a Brazilian-born freshman at DePaul University, doesn’t want her last name published.

NATHALIA: I’m hoping we just bring attention back to an issue that is extremely important for millions of people across the United States.

Last week President Barack Obama endorsed a bipartisan plan for an immigration overhaul.

But both political parties include staunch illegal immigration opponents. A group called the Federation for American Immigration Reform called on Americans to contact their Congressmen Sunday and urge tougher enforcement.

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