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Muslim Civil Rights Group Claims Discrimination

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A civil rights group is calling on the City Colleges of Chicago to resolve complaints of discrimination by Muslim employees.

In the last few months, two faculty members have filed separate lawsuits against Truman College. The Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the school has done nothing to address their claims of harrassment and prejudice.

KHAN: We have tried to negotiate with the City Colleges from the very beginning, and they have continued to stonewall this discussion, hiring high-priced law firms to fight us tooth and nail.

Attorney Zubair Khan represents both plaintiffs. One plaintiff is a Pakistani-American Chemistry professor. She says her supervisor made offensive remarks about Islam, and blocked the hiring of Muslim applicants.

The other plaintiff led the School of Nursing in 2008. She was fired for violating the school’s residency requirement, but claims she was unfairly targeted.

In a statement, the City Colleges calls the allegations “unfounded,” and notes that more than 15 percent of Truman College’s faculty and staff are Muslim.

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