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Burris Tries to Keep His Job a Bit Longer

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Burris Tries to Keep His Job a Bit Longer

(WBEZ/Rob Wildeboer)

U.S. Senator Roland Burris wants to remain in his job at least for a bit longer. He’s appealing a judge’s decision that would boot him from office this fall.

Burris’ controversial time in the US Senate will come to an early end when a special election is held in November to fill out the final weeks of his term. The candidates are the same as those seeking a full six year term and Burris is not among them. But Burris wants to stay in office until a new Senator is seated in January.

A judge has already ruled against Burris but he isn’t giving up.

Burris says, “The judge is selecting the candidates. We say that is totally unconstitutional. How can the judge arbitrarily determine the candidates who qualify for the 112th Congress would be the same candidates who run for a special election that was never scheduled.”

Burris refused to rule out a future run for office saying he is “not intending to go out to pasture.” But he says he won’t try for the job of Chicago’s Mayor. Burris lost a previous bid to Richard Daley in a 1995 primary

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