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#41c John Green's Tootsie Pop-flavored Positive Prank

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It appears that author and cyber stud John Green is a sucker for positive pranking!

Just look what he did with the Tootsie Pop idea!It’s so awesome! He’s so awesome! Enough already with the exclamation marks!

And btw, here’s what John’s sweet note said:

My note: Hello! Your home has been TP’ed, which–for today, at least–means that it has been Tootsie Popped. These Tootsie Pops are your for the licking (and/or biting) not as a part of some marketing campaign but because of an initiative called Positive Pranking started by the author Amy Krouse Rosenthal with the help of the nerdfighters, an Internet-based community of people who seek to decrease the overall worldwide level of suck. Please enjoy, and if you’re so inclined, start your own positive pranking adventure. You can find out more at

Best wishes, John Green

I hope more of you will follow John’s likeable, lickable lead and T.P. your neighborhood.If you do, please let us know how it goes.

I leave you with this link to the wonderland that is John Green’s videos and books. I assure you, after a few minutes looking at his stuff, your life will be massively enhanced. Be sure to read up on his Nerdfighter movement, the Vlogbrothers, and his award-winning books which are objectively some of the best novels of our time.

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