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Daley Defends Police Superintendent Weis

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Daley Defends Police Superintendent Weis

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley addresses reporters on the city’s South Side (WBEZ/Tony Arnold)

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is coming to the defense of police Superintendent Jody Weis. About 300 members of the police union marched on the headquarters yesterday, calling on Weis to resign. They say they want someone from their ranks to head the Chicago Police Department. Mayor Daley says Weis has rebuilt the department’s image for the better.

DALEY: Everybody wants “one of their own.” I don’t know what their own is today. Because people who moved into the city are not one of our own, I guess. You know what I mean? This idea that you have to be born and raised here to be one of your own. We have police officers who have taken the test around the country that moved here.

Daley dismissed the police officers’ protest, saying it’s just a matter of employees not liking their boss.

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