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Bill Daley Won't Run for Chicago Mayor

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Bill Daley Won't Run for Chicago Mayor


Bill Daley has an answer to widespread questions about his mayoral ambitions.

The former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and brother to current Mayor Richard Daley today addressed speculation that he might be taking a mayoral run seriously.

DALEY: I’m going to have a press conference in about an hour from now. We’ll talk about it. No I’m only kidding.

Although Daley joked about running, he spoke sternly about media coverage of the mayoral race.

He particularly criticized use of the word “game” to describe political jockeying to fill his brother’s job.

DALEY: If that’s the tenure of how the all due respect the media is going to approach this thing, you’ve got as much responsibility and you will cause as much of the craziness by what you do as what the politicians do or the candidates do.

Bill Daley told reporters he will not be running for mayor of Chicago.

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