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Candidates for Governor Dispute Budget Plans

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Candidates for Governor Dispute Budget Plans

State Senator Bill Brady talks to reporters (WBEZ/Tony Arnold)

Some of the candidates for Illinois governor gathered today to present ideas on how to balance the state’s multi-billion dollar deficit.

Three of the candidates met behind closed doors with a fiscal watchdog group. Afterwards, they addressed the media about the state’s $13 billion budget deficit. Democratic Governor Pat Quinn says he’s cut the budget by $3 billion.

QUINN: I’m sure you heard from my opponent that he wanted to cut a dime and a dollar from state government. I’ve already done that.

Quinn thinks the state needs to raise the income tax.

Republican State Senator Bill Brady has proposed cutting 10 percent of the budget across the state government.

BRADY: Governor Quinn’s 33 percent tax increase still leaves a structural deficit of billions of dollars and fails to mention how he’s going to pay back the unpaid bills.

Meantime, Green Party candidate Rich Whitney says Illinois could gain $300 million by legalizing and taxing marijuana. Both Quinn and Brady oppose that plan.

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