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The NEW News 2010: Mapping Chicago's Online News Scene

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The Chicago Community Trust held a half-day conference “Advancing Chicago’s News Ecosystem” to discuss the ever-evolving trade of providing news and information via the web.

Community Media Workshop presented two reports at the conference. The first report “The NEW News 2010: Mapping Chicago’s Online News Scene”, released in August 2010, looked at who’s producing news online.

The second report “Realizing Potential: What Chicago’s Online Innovators Need” was released at the conference and looked at what online news producers need to be sustainable in the long term.

These reports, as well as new research about how Chicagoans are consuming news and how different online news sites are linking to one another, were shared with an audience of more than 100 people at the event. For more information about the conference or the research, visit the Workshop’s NP Communicator blog or the Chicago Community Trust website.


Recorded Thursday, September 23, 2010 at Lewis Tower.

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