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East Chicago Mayor Faces Prison

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Another elected official in East Chicago, Indiana is heading to prison. This time, it’s the mayor.

George Pabey had a lot of help from supporters in becoming mayor five years ago.

Alicia Lopez-Rodriguez was one of them.

But soon after taking office, Lopez-Rodriguez noticed a change in Pabey, and not for the good.

So, she stopped supporting him. Lopez Rodriguez was in the courtroom yesterday when a jury rendered its guilty verdict against Pabey.

LOPEZ-RODRIGUEZ: I was numb. I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know whether I should be happy because he finally got his just reward or I should cry about the last 10 years that this city has suffered.

Earlier this decade, East Chicago was rocked when a half-dozen city officials were sent to prison because of corruption.

In the Pabey case, a jury convicted him on theft and conspiracy charges for using city resources to remodel a home he owns in Gary, Indiana.

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