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Flooding Tests Aging Wisconson River Levee

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Flooding Tests Aging Wisconson River Levee

Eric Melby of Endeavor, Wis., walks along the flooded Wisconsin River in Portage, Wis. (AP /Andy Manis)

Recent thunderstorms have left parts of a levee along the Wisconsin River stressed.

The 14-mile stretch of levee that’s in danger of breaching is in Columbia County, north of Madison Wisconsin. Greg Matthews is a spokesperson for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

He says the levee may not hold.

MATTHEWS: Better call it a dike made of sand that a bunch of farmers constructed over a century ago. So the dynamics of what would happen of part of that levee collapsed, we quite frankly don’t know.

The National Weather Service reports that Wisconsin River’s flood stage is just above twenty feet.

The flooding is expected to crest in the next 24 hours and fall below the flood stage by Thursday.

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