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Courts Deny Burris Again

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Courts Deny Burris Again

Roland Burris (WBEZ/file)

The courts have handed U.S. Senator Roland Burris yet another defeat in his efforts to stay in the U.S. Senate for the last few weeks of this year.

Earlier this year the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the constitution requires there to be elections to fill Senate vacancies, that there needs to be a special election to replace Barack Obama in the Senate.

They agreed upon date for the special election is November 2nd. And because of a tight time schedule, the courts ordered that the U.S. Senate candidates in the general election would also stand in the special election. But Burris isn’t one of those candidates which means he’ll be forced from office a couple months earlier than he thought.

He appealed saying the court overstepped its authority in deciding who would be on the ballot, but the appeals court denied him noting he didn’t object to the court dictating candidates a couple months ago when it looked like the court was going to include him on the ballot.

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