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Adam duo leaving Blagojevich defense team

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Adam duo leaving Blagojevich defense team

Rod Blagojevich’s defense team is shrinking. Sam Adam, Sr. and his son, Sam Adam, Jr. have withdrawn as attorneys for the former governor.

The two attorneys kept jurors laughing throughout the trial this summer. And they brought passion to defending the governor in court and out, even after the verdict. Here’s Adam, Jr. in the lobby of the federal court building after jurors deadlocked on 23 out of the 24 counts.

ADAM JR: Isn’t it more important that perhaps we go to the communities out here that are being victimized by the people who live in it and say we’re going to help you, the money we would spend on a retrial, we’re going to give back to the people of Illinois. Why shouldn’t that be done?

Blagojevich spent his more than $2.5 million campaign fund on his defense in the first trial. With that money gone, he’s hoping to qualify for public defenders but that comes with restrictions. Blagojevich can have only two attorneys and one paralegal in the retrial which is expected to start in January.

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