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Mission #44 Join me in something new called "GraFEETi"

SHARE Mission #44 Join me in something new called "GraFEETi"
Mission #44  Join me in something new called "GraFEETi"

Mission GraFEETi (Flickr/Sarah Best)


Mission GraFEETi (photo by Sarah Best)

Looking to chime in regarding The Beckoning of Lovely? You’re in the right place! Click here to rsvp “lovely” in the comment section.

* * *

Happy Mission Monday, everyone.

This week’s grand plan involves two of my favorite things: kind messages and… shoes!

Here’s the idea and how it’ll work:

YOU: simply write a kind note/message over there in the comment section. (For example, something like: “Dear You. May your good days be many, and your stinky days be few and far between. Hope you find this GraFEETi gratifying.” )

I: will then print out all the messages, cut them up into nice, tidy strips, and go around tucking them into unsuspecting shoes around Chicago. I’ll be heading to places where hoards of “un-manned” shoes typically congregate, like lined up outside of a yoga class; in the expansive shoe section in stores like Target and DSW Warehouse; by the front door at certain Japanese restaurants. You get the gist.

Let’s use the next few days to fill up the comment section with great messages from you all.

And then I’ll head out with my stash of messages, film my GraFEETi-ing, and post the video here soon thereafter.

Also, one last thing: if you are interested in being a GraFEETi Artist (that is, putting the messages inside shoes as I’ve described above), just say so in the comment section and then you and I can dialogue about a plan. It sure would be cool to see how this could play out in different locations around the globe.

Today is October 4th so I can’t resist signing off…

10/4 over and out.



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