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Chris Lehmann discusses *Rich People Things*

SHARE Chris Lehmann discusses *Rich People Things*
Chris Lehmann discusses *Rich People Things*

Rich People Things by Chris Lehmann


Stop Smiling Books and O/R Books present an evening with Baffler and Book Forum editor Chris Lehmann.

Lehmann’s new book, Rich People Things, is a critical and witty look into the overburdened lives of the well-to-do. In it he discusses how the high-standing rich safeguard their wealth, the hard work involved in maintaining status, and the resulting impact on the pocketbooks and psyches of the other 99 percent of us. As Gary Shteyngart has said, you will laugh and cry, maybe simultaneously.

In addition to his work at The Baffler and Book Forum, Lehmann is an editor at Yahoo! News and a contributor to The You can learn more about him and *Rich People Things* here.


Recorded on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at the STOP SMILING Storefront.

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