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Chicago Television: TV Whenever and Wherever

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From the time television arrived on the scene in the 1940s through the heyday of the three major networks into the 1970s, the way people watched TV remained essentially unchanged. Then the introduction of video recording systems and cable altered the relationship between the medium and its viewers. The prevalence of the Internet, smart phones, and user-produced content has changed the landscape again. Renowned television historian Walter Podrazik, author of ten books on pop culture (including the newly expanded second edition of Watching TV), leads a conversation about TV watching: then, now and in the future.


For decades, the Chicago market was the leading producer of innovative, entertaining and memorable programming. Its airwaves have been home to a wealth of talented performers and iconic programs that have made the city one of the country’s greatest television towns. Join us as we relive and celebrate the tradition of excellence that produced so many fond memories for millions of Chicagoans. In collaboration with the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

For more information and tickets, visit the Chicago History Museum’s website.

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