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Veto session: Emergency lawmaking or new jazz recording?

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Veto session: Emergency lawmaking or new jazz recording?

Navy Pier (Flickr/Jim Watkins)


Top story: Today begins the veto session down in Springfield where budget cuts and tax increases are on the table. It will be interesting to watch this political drama unfold, because Republicans feel they have a nationwide mandate to do things their way. One problem: They didn’t win in Illinois. So how do Democrats respond? Fun!

One thought: If I’m downstate legislator and a jazz musician, I’m totally naming my next CD, “Veto Sessions.”

B story: The NY Times blogs have been down for over 12 hours. This blogger writes about how it’s surprising more of the media world hasn’t picked up on it. Could it be nobody reads their blogs? Or probably, people are so used to outages and spinning sites in this day and age that they move on to the next source. Hey, far be it for me to throw stones, our re-launch of our web site has had a slew of outages. But at least we reset a server and get it up for a couple of hours at a time. 12 hours straight?

C story: The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Navy Pier is looking to improve its look and feel. The city has some sort of committee. You need a committee? Or just ask me. I have worked here for 15 years. Lose the crazy maze. Lose the crazy tie store. Lose the 8-ball leather jacket store. Lose the fudge. Lose the amateur-Starbucks. Lose the Navy Pier players and the vagabond pirates. Keep Carnellis Deli. Put in a Potbellys and a Vegas like nightclub. Boom. Fixed.

D story: Top 5 sushi!

Weather: You know this nice weather is going to screw us in April. So do you want a nice day today in exchange for a longer winter?

Sports: This game on Sunday (Bears v. Vikings) is becoming more about the coaches than the players. The Sun Times went with the Childress losing his team angle and the Trib went with Lovie losing his team angle. There should be a moratorium on football stories on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There’s just nothing to say.

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