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Chicago’s Dandy Candy History

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Chicago’s Dandy Candy History

Jenny Lewis


Are you ready to be sweet-talked? That’s just what Chef Jenny Lewis of Chicago Candy Tours will do when she gives us the real skinny on Chicago’s substantial candy history (we promise--the facts will not be sugarcoated!). Here are just a few of the historical delicacies Chef Jenny dishes out, along with bona fide candy samples:

*Licorice had it’s American debut in Chicago. (true)
*Frango mints have always been in Chicago. (false)
*Wrigley has always sold gum and mints. (false)
*Babe Ruth had a candy bar named after him. (false - partially true)
*Tootsie Roll was part of the military rations. (true)
*Caramel was used for hair removal (ouch... - probably true)
*M&M style candies are truly American. (false)
*The world’s first chocolate enrobing machine was showcased at the World’s Columbian Expo. (true)

Chef Jenny Lewis’ love of food & candy began early. From McDonald’s to the Everest Room, The Four Seasons Hotel and her own deli, Chef Lewis has worked front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house in the hospitality industry for at least 25 years. Currently she teaches culinary and hospitality management at Lexington College in Chicago. Her love of Chicago and passion for sweets has culminated in her own company,


Recorded Saturday, November 13, 2010 at Lexington College.

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