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The Gaza Monologues

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Join us for a dramatic reading of Ashtar Theatre’s “The Gaza Monologues.” Written by teenagers in Gaza, the monologues are stories about life under occupation and siege. Sincere, compelling, and heartfelt, “The Gaza Monologues” reveal the human face of Palestinian youth who have virtually no outlet to the outside world. The monologues have been brought to venues around the world and will be performed at the United Nations on November 29th. This will be the first performance in Chicago! The monologues will be performed at the 101 Exhibit area at Columbia College alongside Skip Schiel’s “Windows into Gaza” photography exhibit. Skip’s photography captures daily life for Palestinians in Gaza. The exhibit will be at Columbia from December 2nd until December 7th. Doors open at 7:00 pm. The performance begins at 7:45 pm.

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