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Mission #52 Flour power!

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Mission #52 Flour power!



I hope everyone had a lazy and luscious Thanksgiving.

And with another batch of holidays and family gatherings on the horizon, I had a mission idea that I think could be pretty fun, useful and tasty...

You all share your most favorite cookie and cake recipes (in the comment section below), and then I will curate and organize them into a ready-to-print “cook booklet” for you.

I’m thinking of calling it:

by the readers of Mission Amy K.R.

(though I’m certainly open to other suggestions)

I suppose this will work best if you choose a recipe that isn’t too complicated or lengthy. Feel free to add a brief anecdote about what this recipe means to you, why you chose it, etc - - that would be the personalized icing on the cake.

Lastly, one quick thing: for those of you new to the blog and would like to have Mission Amy K.R. delivered fresh to your email inbox every Monday, just click here and that will magically happen.

Alright then, off we go!


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