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The Age of Persuasion starts this weekend

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Hello WBEZ folks,

Terry O’Reilly here—hope you’ll join me each week for The Age of Persuasion. As a 30+ year adman, I’ll take you on a wild and fun ride through the hallways of the advertising business. We’ll go into the boardrooms where decisions are made, into the studios where commercials are created, and into the thinking and psychology behind the most famous advertising in the world.

The series also takes a sweeping look at the history of advertising and marketing - back to the early days of Madison Avenue, the first advertising agencies, their formidable founders, and the incredible foundations they established in the 1920s that are still relevant today.

I’ll also tell you the surprising stories behind the advertising you see everyday; The insights, the costly mistakes, the colorful personalities and, especially, the war stories.

Think of it as a “backstage pass” to the advertising industry. All done with the sense of humor a series on advertising deserves.

This week, the topic is Green Marketing. We’ll track the history of the green movement, and feature the one book most environmentalists point to as ground zero. As green rules and regulations shift, it’s always interesting to see how marketers navigate green marketing under the blinding light of scrutiny. We’ll talk about which advertisers are doing it right – and why - and who’s doing it wrong. Plus, we’ll tell you some incredible stories about green marketing from around the world.

One thing for sure—it isn’t easy being green.

The Age of Persuasion airs Saturdays at 6:30 a.m. The podcast is available here.

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