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8-24-11: Longer school day? More cops? Hearing in 3D?

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8-24-11: Longer school day? More cops? Hearing in 3D?



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Here’s our quick roundup of top stories this morning:

Chicago Public Schools is stepping up its push for a longer school day. An additional ninety minutes each day and two more weeks in school is what CPS is looking for starting with the2012 school year. Schools will be required to spend part of their extra time on reading, math and science, but they’ll also be able to add recess, as well as the arts, music or gym.

The larva of a nonnative bug found at O’Hare is causing alarm. A khapra beetle cast skin and larvae was found in a 10lb bag of rice shipped from India on August 16. If the beetle becomes established, it could devastate the country’s grain supply. It is the third time the beetle has been found here.

The Regional Transportation Authority is suing the towns of Kankakee and Channahon. RTA Chairman John Gates says there are a number of companies doing business in the 6-county RTA region that aren’t paying the sales tax in the area. He says, instead, those companies are diverting paperwork through towns like Kankakee and Channahon because they have lower sales taxes.

It’s official, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is back in the home that was the center of controversy during the election. His opponents argued he could not run for mayor since he was not a legal resident. The business man renting the house from Emanuel moved out in June.

When Rahm Emanuel was running for mayor of Chicago, he outlined his crime strategy at a press conference. “As mayor I will put a thousand additional police on the streets working closely with Chicago residents to fight the guns, to fight the gangs and the fight the drugs that now pervade,” he said. That seems like a pretty straightforward promise,but it hasn’t played out that way.

We may not think of it this way, but we hear in 3-D. Good thing, too. It’s how we know what direction to turn when we hear footsteps or where to look for our kid in a crowded playground. But this depth of field is almost impossible to capture on tape. On the new episode of Clever Apes, we experience the mind-bending world of binaural recording. It’s an episode best enjoyed with headphones – preferably good quality over-the-ear headphones.

White Sox are still in L.A. soaking up the sun against the Angels. Cubs will have the Braves, assuming the weather holds off. If the slight chance of rain holds off, it will still be windy, hot and humid. Highs in the 90s. Fantastic.

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