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So Many Ways to Tell a Story!

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With words, songs, movements and sounds - there are so many ways to tell a story! Help Oba William King, Justin Roberts, along with innovative Chicago-area movement and sound artists, write a magnificent story then sit back and listen as it’s performed live.

After coming together in the Great Hall, participating children and their families will workshop with storytellers in various places throughout the museum to create the narrative story, songs, sounds, and accompanying movements to tell a fabulous tale. There will then be a short intermission while the stage is set - what remarkable story will be told?

During intermission, dinner will be provided for all courtesy of GoPicnic Meals.


Oba William King is the founder of JUSTUS Arts Programs for Youth. His workshops are designed to introduce participants to the power of storytelling, poetry, spoken word and the magic of literature. Oba is innovative, energetic, professional and dedicated. Designed to celebrate diversity, Oba’s interactive storytelling performances and lectures involve participants in a unique and special way that celebrates the storyteller in each of us.

Justin Roberts is truly one of the “all-stars” of the indie family music scene. He logs thousands of miles on the road each year, leading some to call him the hardest working man in children’s show business. With numerous national awards and recognition and a devoted fan base, Justin and The Not Ready for Naptime Players dish out unexpectedly intelligent and whimsically rocking music for kids and their parents. Justin’s latest GRAMMY® nominated CD Jungle Gym ascends through the collective memories of childhood: from the joys of trick or treating and gym class parachutes and sleepovers to the magic stillness of snow days. The recording takes listeners on a journey through iconic experiences that kids will relate to and parents will remember.

Noah Ginex, an award winning Henson-trained puppeteer, has worked with such luminaries as Canada’s Barenaked Ladies, the United States Naval Academy’s Glee Club, Spiffy Pictures, and When not a puppeteer, Noah moonlights as an audio specialist and sound designer, having worked with The Beverly Arts Center, Chernin Arts Center, Strange Tree Group, American Theater Company, Belmont Burlesque Revue, and Afterschool Matters. He lives in Chicago with his wife and can be found on Google.

David Rocco Facchini brings his experience as a stop-motion animator, sculptor and artist to the stage via elaborate and ridiculously fun theatrical props. He believes visual storytelling can speak as loud as dialogue by tapping the “what if…” aspect of the imagination and making it concrete on stage. A director, writer and producer in Chicago since 2001, David is a founding member of the comedy troupe *Creepy Hug. He’s also Art Director for The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, photographer and illustrator for the book Muldoon: A True Chicago Ghost Story and in 2012, he will be re-booting the successful run of PLANET KARATE: A BUTT-KICKING PLAY!!! as a kids show.


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Please note: each attending child must be accompanied by an adult.

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