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Breaking: Gov Quinn to piss off a ton of people

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Breaking: Gov Quinn to piss off a ton of people

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Okay, I have my coffee and am listening to my morning Onyx:


So let’s get to it, shall we??!

Here come the cuts! The mighty....budget cuts! Today, Governor Quinn pisses off a lot of people.

Also, there’s a city council meeting today? I thought those meetings were on Wednesdays. Now that’s change we can believe in. They need to put out a commercial that says “City Council is moving to Thursdays!!!!! Now, part of a packed line-up including Cook County Board meetings and the smash hit, 38th Ward Open Office Hours.” Sell some Google ads on top of that (soon to be viral) announcement and boom, $75 mil. Or sell the whole council meeting as a show to Bravo. “The Real Aldermen of City Council.” The first episode will be called “Things we probably shouldn’t ban becuase we are local government but we do anyway for the attention (i.e., crib bumpers).”

B story: Joe Walsh says he came back to avoid tonight’s speech, but really he came back to force his ex-wife to produce salary statements and earning receipts to launch a counter-attack over unpaid child support. Geez, congressman - do that on the weekend. You have a job to do (that you aren’t doing right now). That job is to be congressman. To act like you don’t believe in politics.

C story: They are shooting Superman in Chicago this week. But bigger news than that - how did I not know that Chicago actor Michael Shannon is playing General Zod? Holy cow. That’s probably the coolest character in movie history. Michael Shannon gets to say “Kneel before Zod!” Shannon will never have to work again. He can go show up at Comic-cons and say “Kneel before Zod” over and over and bank like $600k. LOVE IT.

Weather: Trib says we could have this weather for a while. I’m not complaining. I like a little fleece in the wardrobe.

Sports: Picture this, the Chicago Bears win the first three games against their heavily favored opponents. How do you think the city will react? I like the fact that we have essentially three playoff games to start our season. Let’s get out there and start fast. If the Bears come out and handle those three teams (Atlanta, New Orleans and Green Bay), this town will be talking Super Bowl. But we’ll take 2-1 too. 1-2, we won’t panic. 0-3 and we try to make a trade for Rexy.

Kicker: Hey, who put chocolate in my peanut butter? Or...hey, who put Colin Quinn in my Second City?

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