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A souvenir mystery for the ages

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A souvenir mystery for the ages

My parents went to Amsterdam earlier this year and they did not bring me back either pot or wooden shoes. They did, however, give me this little souvenir from KLM airlines:


Isn’t it cute? It’s a little Delft house. My brother got one that was slightly different and when they were lined up next to each other on the counter, it looked like the beginning of a little village. I’m not going to lie: I am 32 years old but I wanted to take my brother’s tiny Delft house so I could have both of them. I was strong however and refrained from stealing his.

But it’s not just a little house. It’s apparently a little house filled with booze. The important question is, what kind of booze, and how do I drink it? All I know is that the Blue Delfts were made exclusively for KLM by Bols Amsterdam, which is a liquor company. But I have no idea what type of liquor is inside.


I’m going to guess that it’s some sort of nice sipping dessert liqueur, the kind that only first-class (or maybe business-class) people enjoy while their fellow homo sapiens in coach angrily watch the tiny computer plane make its slow crawl across the computer map.

I’m also not sure how you would drink this on the plane, as I believe you need to melt the wax off the little chimney in order to access the booze and how do you do that on a plane? Unless secretly you’re allowed access to lighters and fun fireworks and that kind of stuff in first class?


I have no idea. I did a tiny bit of research on these houses and read one site that says that there’s actually gin in that thar house. Gin, in a tiny ceramic house? I don’t know. I’ve grown attached to my theory that it’s some syrupy after-dinner beverage. I don’t know what to think.
So I’m reaching out to you, the readers. Does anybody out there a.) know what is in this tiny house b.) how I can access it (if I melt the wax off the chimney, isn’t it going to set the whole thing on fire?) and c.) How shall I best enjoy my well-deserve mysterious cocktail? Here is a photo of the house for scale:


Thank you in advance: I will let you know how it all goes down.

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