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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: The Facts, the Law, and the Nuances

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Join the Association for Women Journalists (AWJ) as a trio of experts leads us in a wide-ranging discussion about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Psychologist Louise Fitzgerald is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Women’s Studies at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Fitzgerald was a social science consultant to the legal team of Professor Anita Hill during her testimony against Clarence Thomas during his 1991 Senate Confirmation hearings to the U.S. Supreme Court. Fitzgerald will focus on how women deal with sexual harassment in the “real world” and the pluses and minuses of the coping mechanisms that are used.

Attorney Joan Eagle will address the legal aspects of sexual harassment: including how it is defined under federal, state, and local laws; how sexual harassment is different from sex discrimination; and what remedies are available. Eagle will also give practical advice about how to handle supervisors, coworkers and just plain jerks.

Monica Brennan is the head of human resources at Bear Construction Company. Brennan will present a view from the trenches based on her experiences in handling reports of harassment, discrimination, and offensive behavior. As a graduate in broadcasting, Brennan is particularly in tune with the AWJ audience.

There will be light appetizers provided by AWJ and drinks will be sold by the Chopin Theatre.

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