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Chicago, you are so beautiful today. We should hang out more.

SHARE Chicago, you are so beautiful today. We should hang out more.
Chicago, you are so beautiful today. We should hang out more.

As I was driving in to work today, the sun was glistening off of the Loop’s skyscrapers, a cool breeze was gently caressing my face and everyone was in sync. No horns, no jams, no static.

I saw the light. It was green. All the way. Past the boulevards, the expressways, the protesters, the fountains, the trees, the skyscrapers and the lake. No beef, no drama, no pledge drive.

That’s right, we made our goal.

That’s right. You are so beautiful, Chicago.

So let’s all enjoy the moment and renew our vows to each other. Hit play on this song. It’s my way of saying, “You are the perfect way.”

B story: Gapers Block is doing God’s work this week. Ramsin Canon and John Fitzgerald did a breakdown of what the CTA needs (and how to pay for it). Their conclusion? A few new rail lines away from the Loop. What guys, you don’t like taking the Western bus the length of the city? That’s how the settlers did it. Enjoy the link. There are maps included.

C story: To be fair, I liked this comment last night about the OccupyChicago protests downtown. Could OccupyWallSt. be our Arab Spring? This from JulieS:

The 99% aren’t going to just sit by and take it anymore. Anyone who thinks that the fiercely radical protests in the middle east, Greece and other countries can’t happen here -- are wrong. It’s apparent with the spreading protests that started in NYC and have reached the west coast that “we’re mad as hell and we’re NOT going to take it anymore.

D story: Bruno out, Nagrant in at the Chicago Sun Times. I wonder if his first story will be about the Big Star food truck? I’m a little confused by the Sun Times though. I thought the Bruno firing was about budgets and money - almost like ‘we can’t do food anymore because we are poor.’ But obviously, that’s not the case. It seems like it was much more of an editorial decision.

Weather: Uh oh. It’s supposed to be hot on Sunday for the marathon. What does that mean? It means it’s time to start thinking about a new date for this event.

Sports: Robin Ventura is in as the new White Sox manager. You thought Ozzie was crazy, wait til you (don’t) hear Robin!!!! I was trying to think if I even remember him saying a word in the clubhouse as a player. He’s a soft spoken dude who doesn’t talk much. So much for the crazy car commercials. Will he be a good manager? I hope so. It’s always intriguing to bring in managers who used to be star players. As a fan, I can’t say anything bad about Robin. And he did play on some winning Sox teams. So this could be fun. But on the flipside, he doesn’t have much experience and I could see him easily coaching the Sox into permanent mediocrity. Let’s hope the players respond and start playing like Kenny Williams thought they could when he took gambled to hire them (Dunn, Rios, Peavy, Viciedo, Ramirez, Pierre, bullpen).

Kicker: Who’s ready for the Draconid meteor shower??!!!!??? Tomorrow, folks. Enjoy the weekend.

Seriously, enjoy this and then enjoy the weekend. Best video ever:

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