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Time to play 'Who should we fire first!?' (and other observations from Bears v. Lions)

SHARE Time to play 'Who should we fire first!?' (and other observations from Bears v. Lions)
Time to play 'Who should we fire first!?' (and other observations from Bears v. Lions)


It’s that familiar time of year when we travel to apple orchards, carve pumpkins and decide which Bears player or coach has to go after a humiliating defeat on national TV. I love this time of year.

Wait, did I miss this last night? An actual block? (AP)

If there is one thing Chicago can’t stand, it’s humiliating failure. We don’t mind failure, but the embarrassing, humiliating, shameful kind really kind of gets to us. That was the case last night as the Bears once again defied normal expectations and disgraced the founders of the game. I’m not the only one who feels this way, right? I watched several NFL games this weekend and each team knew how to line up and start a play. And after they started the play, they would block guys from coming straight at the quarterback. That’s the simple scheme. But it’s not simple with the Bears. It’s actually extremely difficult and in turn, sad to watch.

I like Lovie. I understand why we have Martz. Supposedly Rod Marinelli is good at coaching defense. But the whole world was watching, and you sh*t the bed.

Okay, so who to fire:

Lovie Smith: The head coach is responsible for the discipline of his team and last night, the team was as loose as 4th graders in the basement after a Halloween candy binge. And the clock management and decisions (kick the ball Lovie!) seeemed to give his competitor the advantage. I wouldn’t fire him today, but if this season turns out how we all see it turning out, Lovie is gone after November.

Mike Martz: The offensive coordinator has shown wild inconsistency and continues to call plays that this offensive group cannot pull off. If the offensive line has proven they can’t block, then stop calling seven step drop pass plays. Mike, things are pretty bad. Your Bears offense put up 13 points last night against the Lions. The Cowboys scored 30 last week and the Vikings 20+ a week ago. Poor showing, sir. Do it again? You are fired.

Rod Marinelli: The defensive coordinator seems to never get questioned, but this defense is stinky. They have been exposed. Urlacher and Briggs are being toyed with by opposing offenses and the safety play is disastrous. Add in the fact that the Bears can’t get a pass rush going and this defense is ranked towards the bottom of the pack. Marinelli needs to make some adjustments. Otherwise, what’s the point of playing this D? It seems like everyone in the league has figured this scheme out. Why is that?

Mike Tice (Offensive Line Coach): Fired. Now. Today. Get your things and get out. That was the worst display of offensive line play in Bears history, if not the NFL.

Jerry Angelo: Well Jerry, you had your window. The Bears now have two teams in the division that have restocked and another one that will reload for next year (Vikings). What have you done? A year ago, we watched the unthinkable as the Giants sacked the Bears nine times in the first half, including knocking Jay Cutler out of the game. Almost a year later and we watched the offensive line regress. What did you fix in the off-season, sir? You didn’t need offensive line help? You didn’t need wide receiver help? What did you do? Did you shore up the safety position? Did you sign Matt Forte (your best producer) to a long term contract? Did you get a third defensive end in the building so if Peppers needs a break we have a backup? Right now, the only thing you’ve done for this franchise is trade for Jay Cutler, which the jury is still out on. Oh yeah, I think you signed every single defensive player to a long term contract too. How’s that Tommie Harris contract working out? Tidy your office Jerry. Make it easy on us when we clean it out.

Other random observations:

  • Each Bear playmaker blew a play last night. Peppers got hurt, so he’s not included here. Urlacher and Briggs both made mistakes in touchdown situations. Chris Harris got de-pantsed on a Calvin Johnson score. Forte played great, but dropped a crucial third down pass that stalled a drive at midfield. Devin Hester made some nice grabs, but inexplicably lost focus and let the ball carry him out of bounds on a crucial kick off return. The Bears started from the 8 yard line instead of the 20. That 12 yards later cost a field goal. I hate to say it, but Cutler seemed to be the only consistent player on the field. Wait, am I feeling okay? What did I just say?
  • I like Jeff Joniak. But WBBM, cool it on having him read every commercial. Yesterday during the pre-game, I heard at least 5 different commercial reads from him. Joniak on pipefitting. Joniak on beef. It’s starting to make me laugh. Which I don’t think is the intention.
  • Remember the last time you worried about your kicker? Robbie Gould has changed the attitude of Chicago Bear fans. For years, we had a worry in our head that our kicker would miss wide right. Even our famed Kevin Butler missed big kicks. Then we had four or five bad kickers in Chicago. Then Gould came to town and became Mr. Automatic. It’s nice not to stress about a kicker, isn’t it? We can focus on other things, like safety play.
  • How long before Jay Cutler asks for a trade?
  • How long before Matt Forte asks for a trade?
  • How long before Johnny Knox shaves that stupid beard?
  • I heard an announcer on Sunday say that Steeler coach Mike Tomlin used up two of his ‘padded practices’ this week. Due to the new NFL contract, teams may only have 14 padded practices during the regular season. What was it before the lockout? And maybe the Bears should use three this week.
  • Give me a break moment of the game: False start on a punt.
  • 2-3 is depressing. 2-4 and 0-3 in the division just might free up my fall weekends.
  • And lastly, the Lions are now 5-0. But thanks to the Bears, they still haven’t played anybody of note. The Bears are now shoved into a class that includes Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Minnesota, Dallas and the new look 2011 Falcons. Again, the Lions haven’t played anybody yet.
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