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3rd Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Party

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The 3rd Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Party is sure to be the best yet! Taking place at Logan Square Auditorium this year, 2nd Story is back performing stories of dating woe as the Windy City Rollers deliver your valentines on wheels. Empty Bottle Presents is booking a killer band to wrap up the party but we’re keeping you on the edge of your seat for that. Our hosts, comedian duo Seth & Kellen will keep the evening entertaining between story performances, and will ceremoniously destroy pieces of your relationship memorabilia. Want to get rid of that weird collage your ex made you? Seth & Kellen can help. Ah, feels good to let go, doesn’t it?

The valentines, on sale for two bucks each, will benefit benefit Barrel of Monkeys, an art education theater ensemble that works with some of the most under-served students in Chicago. It’s easy: You see someone you like, you buy them a valentine, and a Windy City Roller will deliver it for you for two bucks, with all sales benefiting Barrel of Monkeys.

If you want in on the story telling action, submit yours! They’re looking for juicy tales of love & dating in the Windy City, and the winning story will be performed by 2nd Story as the opening act!

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