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Tuesday's game plan: Diplomacy

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Today on Afternoon Shift, we take a look at the status quo and who’s switching it up. Like Chicago’s film industry, which may (or may not) have changed in the past few years, and what will Indiana’s Governor Mitch Daniels do next? Or our media panel, where we figure out what’s happening in the web. And finally, mangoes are come to Chicago and you can depend on politics to always deliver something fresh.

TV/Film Outlook:Rosie out, Harvey in. Tax breaks for film companies and investment into the new soundstage Cinespace indicate the that city and state are trying to use the industry to make revenue. But what is the real state of the biz here? Let’s just hope Chicago Fire will be better than The Chicago Code.

Listen to Governor Mitch Daniels

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Governor Daniels: Monday marked the final day of Indiana’s legislative session--the last hurrah for Gov. Mitch Daniels after eight years in the Governor’s mansion. So what’s next for Gov. Daniels? He’ll join us to explain.

Media Panel: WBEZ’s Wendy Turner (fresh from the Integrated Media Association conference) and Andrew Gill (currently at SXSW Interactive) bring us the latest from the interactive media world.

Mango Diplomacy: Two years ago, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Pakistan and declared that country’s mangoes delicious. That kickstarted an earnest effort to open U.S. markets to Pakistani mangoes...but the trade deal was about more than just a fruit. WBEZ’s Odette Yousef reports.

Hudzik/16th:It’s incumbent vs. incumbent as Freshman Congressmen Adam Kinzinger is looking to unseat veteran Congressman Don Manzullo in Northern Illinois’ 16th Congressional District. The Republicans were pretty much forced into this contest by the way Illinois Democratic leaders drew new district boundaries. WBEZ’s political reporter Sam Hudzik talks about how it’s shaking out.

Cardinal Francis George: As Catholics observe Lent through sacrifice and reflection, we ask Cardinal Francis George questions about the Chicago archdiocese, and larger national issues including the recent rhubarb over contraceptive coverage.

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