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Caption contest: Rahm & Garry caught in a moment

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Sun-Times cover

Sun-Times cover

How did I just see this? The Chicago Sun-Times put this on the front page today. I guess this is what we miss when the paper will eventually go away. But luckily, it’s not too late for a good ole’ fashioned caption contest!!!!!

Sun-Times cover

I’ll go first:

-- “Um, Garry? Gar? I thought we said no cell phones.”

-- Garry (to phone): “Yeah, Hello? It’s Garry. Me and my buddy are going to come through. Can you get me a table towards the front?” Rahm: “Garry, I um, I uh don’t know. I told the wife that I would come home straight after.”

-- Rahm: “I should have gone with the t-shirt and the collar. Instead, I just went with my suburban dad shirt. It’s more comfy than you would think...”

Your turn. Winner gets a Car Talk mug.

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