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Chicagoland Schools/Race Index

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The number of public school students in the eight-county metro area today: 1.38 million

In 1990: 1.1 million

The number of public schools in that area today: 2,287. Twenty years ago: 1,990

Number of schools that are at least 90% black or 90% Latino today: 457 In 1990: 336

Percent of black and Latino kids in Chicago who attend extremely racially isolated schools today: 63%

In 1990: 56%

Percent of black and Latino kids in the suburbs who attend racially isolated schools today: 13%

Percentage point increase since 1990: 4%

Number of black and Latino kids in those schools: 11,997 then, 48,848 now

Current proportion of all black students in the metro area attending highly segregated black schools: 1 in 2

Proportion of black students in Chicago Public Schools in highly segregated black schools: 7 in 10

In 1990: 7 in 10

Decrease in black enrollment in CPS during that time: 56,999 students

Percent of all suburban black students in extremely segregated black schools in 1990: 14.5%

Percent today: 19.6%

Increase in black enrollment in the suburbs in that time: 48,579

Total number of Latino students in the eight-county metro area 20 years ago: 158,583

That number now: 405,570

Proportion of them living in the suburbs: 3 in 5

Overall percent who go to extremely racially isolated schools: 22%

Percent of suburban Latino students in extremely racially isolated schools: 10%

Percent of city Latino students in such schools: 39%

The number of white public school students in the eight-county metro area today: 584,637

Change since 1990: –0.2%

Change in Chicago since 1990: –24.49%

Proportion of area white students living in the suburbs: 15 in 16

The percent of Chicagoland white students who go to integrated schools, where no race has a majority: 13%

Percent of suburban white kids who attended integrated schools 20 years ago: 7%

Number of integrated/“no majority” schools in the eight-county area: 346. Twenty years ago: 164

Number of integrated/“no majority” schools in the city 20 years ago: 106

Today: 66

Year CPS agreed, under a consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice, to integrate more of its schools: 1980

Date the consent decree was lifted: 9/24/2009

Number of majority white schools in Chicagoland that got “whiter” in the last 20 years: 42

Number of those schools in Chicago: 20

The number of racially isolated schools in Chicago Public Schools today: 371. In 1990: 302

The number of schools with 50% or more Asian students 20 years ago: 0 Today: 3

Percent of those located within a mile of Chicago’s Chinatown: 100%

The number of schools that were at least 70% white in CPS 20 years ago: 0

That number today: 7

Number of suburban schools that are at least 70% white today: 590

Percentage of suburban white students who attend schools that are at least 90% white: 9%

Twenty years ago: 42%

Percentage of Chicagoland white kids who go to majority white schools: 81%

Percent of Chicagoland black kids in majority black schools: 69%

Percentage of Hispanic kids in majority Hispanic schools: 60%

Number of students in schools 20 years ago where their own race was the majority: 850,355 (68%)

Now: 939,901 (77%)

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