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Thursday's game plan for 'Afternoon Shift': Fighting for a second chance

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Sarah Vowell (Flickr/susie martinez)

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Sarah Vowell & Jon Langford: Everyone’s favorite cartoon-voiced author is teaming up with everyone’s favorite alt-country punk for a night of stories and songs based around ships and islands to promote Vowell’s new book Unfamiliar Fishes. 

Michael Beschloss: Author and presidential historian Michael Beschloss gives us some perspective on the Obama presidency, and how others have won a second term with the country is facing difficult challenges and a highly divided government.

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Hudzik/Elections:WBEZ’s Sam Hudzik takes us deep into Illinois 8th Congressional District. A pair of well-funded Democrats are battling for the chance to take on Tea Party freshman Joe Walsh in November.

Moore/CHA: The CHA is transforming its Plan for Transformation.  Last week, Afternoon Shift covered the tech/resident participation part of the equation.  Today, WBEZ’s Natalie Moore sits down with the new head of the CHA to get his perspective on the changes.

Headhunting in the NFL: Recent news of a pervasive “bounty system”within the NFL has revealed an ugly truth about the league's culture--but is it all part of the game or is it systemic unnecessary roughness?’s Lester Munson and former Bears Linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer come in to toss around the pigskin.

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