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Friday's game plan for 'Afternoon Shift': The end of days

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Friday on Afternoon Shift we take on death, destruction and the end of things, with a trip to Englewood to find out what people in that neighborhood are saying about the Balfour slayings and subsequent courtroom drama. Former New York Times and Newsweek columnist Anna Quindlen discusses her new novel Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake, a meditation on motherhood, aging, empty nesters and the unexpected joys of growing older. Speaking of meditation: we remember Adam Youch of the Beastie Boys, who has reportedly died of cancer. And Chicago Fire commissioner Jose Santiago talks about the life of (and in) the department.

Also, Alison Cuddy debriefs on the bevy of art fests popping up and some very special guests for our 3@3: the one, the only Bob Sirott and the one, the only Robert “you never hear me on radio or see me on TV” Feder.

Listen to the first and second hours here: 

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