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Wednesday's game plan for 'Afternoon Shift': Public servants

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On Wednesday's Afternoon Shift we talk about those people who sacrifice their own career ambitions to serve the public in one capacity or another. But to start things off we examine what makes us vote for one public servant over another. We have a brain researcher on hand to explain recent discoveries that tie physical brain characteristics to certain political beliefs.

Teachers are one of the biggest groups of public servants. Many of them are rallying in Chicago as a show of solidarity against contract proposals expected at the upcoming school board meeting. Linda Lutton fills us in on the details of the conflict.

Then in our Workplace Wednesday segment we look at ways the unemployed can get back into serving the public good in the workplace.

Finally, after the relatively uneventful NATO weekend the public servants in the Chicago Police Department are getting accolades from some Chicagoans for a job well done. The biggest winner, however, has to be Superintendent Garry McCarthy- who impressed many with his visibility on the frontlines of the weekend's protests. He joins us in studio to talk about the experience.

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