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MLK Vietnam


As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day on Monday, we’ll of course hear a lot of his legendary “I have a dream speech” and maybe you’ll hear his prophetic “Mountain Top” speech he gave the night before he was killed.But many may not know that the final year of Dr. King’s life was one of great personal and political strife.On April 4, 1967, one year to the day that Dr. King died, he gave a speech at Riverside Church in New York City called “Beyond Vietnam, A Time to Break Silence.”Just a few weeks later, King gave a Church sermon based on his Riverside remarks at his own Ebenezer Baptist Church called, “Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam” Conrad Worrill, PhD., director of the Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies at Northeastern Illinois University, joins us as we ask the question: Why don't we talk about this speech? WBEZ reporter, Richard Steele, also participates in the discussion.

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