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WBEZ RunDown is a curated newsletter emailed weekly. It’s packed with not to be missed stories and the behind the scenes scoop.

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OffAir Lineup hits your inbox monthly and is packed with WBEZ and community events to add to your calendar.

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Join Our Events

WBEZ produces regular events which aim to extend your WBEZ. Come see what you’ve been hearing and celebrate the great arts, culture and interesting people of our region.

From Bureau discussions in the communities we serve to Member Meetups to unique and exciting opportunities to participate in spectacular cultural gatherings, WBEZ Events are as varied as the programming we offer on air and online.

Visit our Event Calendar

Volunteer With WBEZ

WBEZ has opportunities for interested volunteers to serve at WBEZ’s administrative offices and community events. The service WBEZ volunteers provide helps keep the station running—and the station and its employees greatly appreciate their generous contributions of time and effort.

Sign up for the Volunteer Update email newsletter (and get the inside skinny on all of the opportunities that come along).

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Get the revolutionary WBEZ app for iOS and Android.

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Listen to WBEZ on your terms. Save your favorite shows for later or listen along live.

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Rewind the radio to go back in time and re-listen to a show with our revolutionary rePlay feature. You can go back in time and listen to shows for seven days after they air on the radio. It’s like having a whole week of WBEZ at your fingertips.

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On the bus, at work or on the run—you’re only a tap away from WBEZ. Never miss a minute, no matter where you are.

The app is free and waiting for you in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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The WBEZ membership is a community of dedicated listeners who believe that independent media is vitally important to them and the local community.

WBEZ 91.5 High Fidelity

Make a difference every day with monthly giving

WBEZ High Fidelity members provide reliable ongoing support through recurring monthly donations. This allows for consistent funding year-round and reduces on-air fundraising.

Exclusive High Fidelity Member Benefits

Event Ticket Discounts

Event Ticket Discounts

And Pre-Sale opportunities to WBEZ and Community Partner Events.

Exclusive Member Events

Exclusive Member Events

Such as High Fidelity Open House at Navy Pier studio.

2 for 1 Discounts

2 for 1 Discounts

At over 350 restaurants, theaters, music clubs and other venues in the area with the WBEZ Member Card.

Other Ways to Give

Is your beloved car ready for retirement? Our partners make sure your donation is tax deductible and your vehicle is properly handled. Click here to get started.

Planned Giving

Many members choose to express their commitment to WBEZ’s long term sustainability through bequests and living trusts. Email to learn more.

Join Our Giving Circles

We offer exclusive benefits to thank our listeners for their generous investment in WBEZ. Learn more about donating investments to WBEZ.

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