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Former WBEZ Morning Shift host Tony Sarabia

Jason Marck

What's it like to come out later in life?

Over the years Curious City has received a lot of questions about LGBTQ life in Chicago. We’ve done stories about the history of Boystown (now Northalsted), queer traveling parties and whether activist and social worker Jane Addams could be considered a lesbian by today's standards. 

In honor of National Coming Out Day next week, we're revisiting this audio documentary from former WBEZ host Tony Sarabia. 

Back in 2000, Sarabia spoke with several people who came out as gay or lesbian late in life, and how that affected their closest relationships.

Sarabia, who himself came out later in life, wanted to share the stories of others who’d also finally felt ready to take this step. The documentary recounts the coming out stories of queer people who grew up in the 1950s and early '60s. 

While a lot has changed, many queer Americans still don’t feel comfortable -- or safe -- coming out.

Tony Sarabia is the former host of WBEZ's The Morning Shift.

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