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Overnight Lows

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Regular patrons of the Chicago bar the Hideout, are in for a surprise tonight.

That's because the back room, normally dedicated to hip music performances, will morph into a Chicago garden apartment complete with a bed in the middle of the floor.

It's the setting for the latest play put on by Walkabout Theater, known for staging shows in funky locations ranging from bathrooms to a Laundromat.

The play is called Overnight Lows, and it's by Mark Guarino, the pop music critic for the Daily Herald.

In it, a young couple is on a date that never ends.

They're insomniacs trapped in the middle of the night staring down their insecurities and plagued by late night radio call-in shows.

Chicago Public Radio's Dan Bindert visited the Hideout recently to talk with Guarino, who says the play sprang from his own night-owl tendencies.

The world premiere of Overnight Lows opens at the Hideout tonight at 7 p.m. and runs on Monday and Tuesday evenings through August 14.

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