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Harry and the Potters - Saving Ginny Weasley

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If you're one of the people counting down the hours and minutes until the stroke of midnight this Friday when the last Harry Potter book goes on sale, then a concert tonight might help the time go by faster.

Harry and the Potters will bring their wizard-inspired music to the Harold Washington Library tonight at 7.

Two brothers from Massachusetts – Paul and Joe DeGeorge – started the band five years ago.

The idea is that Harry Potter from year seven and Harry Potter from year four get together and start a band – and to understand the songs, it helps to be a fan of all things Hogwarts.

Like in this one, called “Saving Ginny Weasley,” it helps to know that the basilisk is a monster that is petrifying Harry Potter's fellow students and that Ginny Weasley – the younger sister of Harry's friend – is in mortal danger.

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