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As Hot House Doors Close, Others Open for Horberg

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Last Sunday, Chicago's HotHouse put on its last show. 

In the best traditions of the venue, it featured a band made up of two Brits, a South African, and an Israeli playing a mix of electronica, klezmer, Jazz, and Middle Eastern music. 

That spirit of eclecticism comes directly from the founder of HotHouse, Marguerite Horberg. 

But last year, the board of directors of the Center for International Performance and Exhibition which manages the non-profit venue, suspended Horberg.
Board members claim Horberg was resisting the idea of adding a business director to take over the day to day operations of the HotHouse.

Business director Marc Harris has said that the club is conducting a campaign to secure a new home in Chicago.

We invited both sides to discuss this chapter in the history of HotHouse.

Only Horberg accepted.

Eight Forty-Eight's Richard Steele sat down with the promoter to talk about the future, and to look back on 20 years of music and culture. 

Horberg says that her eclectic taste in music started at an early age. 

But things really took off when she began to travel.

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