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Lincoln's Resting Place

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As we near the 2009 Bicentennial Birthday Celebration of Springfield's favorite son, we seem to be hearing more than we ever knew about Abraham Lincoln.

But while people across the country share memories of our 16th President, there's a part of him that Illinois doesn't share with anyone right now.

Lincoln's tomb is located in the Oak Ridge cemetery in Springfield. He's interred there with his wife Mary Todd and three of his four sons, Edward, William and Thomas.

Eight Forty-Eight's Gianofer Fields visited the spot when we traveled to the state capital for what we thought might be the end of the legislative session.

While Gianofer was at the tomb, she spoke with site manager Nan Wen, who says even though the building is made of granite, that doesn't mean it will last forever.

She says just like Lincoln's legacy, his final resting place needs attention to survive.

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