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Cassette From My Ex

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Cassette From My Ex

Call us nostalgic, or sentimental, or maybe just old but there's just something about the thoughtfully crafted mix tape. Jason Bitner, co-creator of Found Magazine, gets this. He helped create an online space to share both the songs, and the stories behind them, on that cassette that's been hiding in your shoebox all these years. is the place to revisit your magnetic tape memories. Bitner and others from the site recently broke down the anatomy of the mix tape and offer some tips for creating your own mix of memories and music.

WEB EXTRA: The Ex’s Cassette

More romantic mixes, and the stories behind them, can be found at

Thanks to Jason Bitner, Jamie Hayes, Michael Hearst, Damon Locks, Fiona Maazel and Danielle Malkoff Smith.

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