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You Can't Be President

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You Can't Be President

President-elect Barack Obama walks to his vehicle as he leaves a gym to return home in Chicago, Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008. (AP/Charles Dharapak)

Barack Obama's election as the first African-American President could carry some profoundly inspirational weight. One of the fundamentals of our democracy is the notion that anybody can grow up to be president. But for young black people, and really anyone who's not white or male, that dream must have seemed just out of reach, until now.

Not so fast, says Winnetka native Rick MacArthur. He's the publisher of Harper’s magazine, and the author of You Can’t Be President: The Outrageous Barriers to Democracy in America.

We recently had a chance to speak with Rick MacArthur, and he explained what he means when he says “you can't be president.”

As a matter of full disclosure, we should also mention that Rick is the grandson of John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur, whose foundation provides funding for this station.

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