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Faith-Based Initiatives in an Obama World

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As change comes to Washington, there's one part of President Bush's legacy that Barack Obama has vowed to continue and maybe even expand.

Earlier this year, the President-Elect said he would like to increase federal funding to some religious groups that provide social services.

Faith-based initiatives were a cornerstone of President Bush's domestic policy, but the plan quickly drew criticism from people worried about the separation of church and state. Eventually the office was subject to criticism from within the White House as well.

David Kuo is the former Deputy Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Communities Initiatives in the Bush Administration. He left the office in disgust and wrote a book describing how the Bush administration had politicized the office, using it to curry favor with African-American and other religious leaders.

He's just started an online magazine called Culture11 and also writes a blog for BeliefNet – a web site about spirituality.

Kuo is still a big proponent of faith-based initiatives and says he feels optimistic that things will improve under Obama.

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