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Capturing the Scene at the Belmont Rocks

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Capturing the Scene at the Belmont Rocks

Photographer Doug Ishar. (WBEZ/Jason Marck)

Doug Ischar came to town in the early '80s to study photography at Columbia College Chicago. Soon after arriving, he discovered the thriving gay scene in the area known as the “Belmont Rocks” in the Lakeview neighborhood. Fascinated by what he saw, Ischar decided to document the men and their beach, taking pictures nearly every day in the summers of '84 and '85. Then the slides were simply packed away. Now nearly 25 years  the photos are on display for the first time in an exhibition entitled Marginal Waters. Alison Cuddy toured the exhibition with Ischar.

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Marginal Waters
September 12 - October 17, 2009
Golden gallery

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