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This is what some Eight Forty-Eight had to say:

Dave Stanford from Chicago said: He'd like less call-in shows on Eight Forty-Eight. He says it doesn't feel like the callers are bringing anything to a panel interview or discussion that a good reporter or moderator couldn't.

And Sei Jin Lee agreed with Dave's comments over Twitter but added this: Although he found call-in segments on Eight Forty-Eight to be cringe worthy, he still feels there's value in interacting with listeners. On Twitter he's seen us pose questions related to segments on upcoming shows. Sei Jin  suggests that in addition to soliciting questions via Twitter we invite specific commenters to call in the next day? Good idea, Sei Jin. And he's right. You can always hit us up on Twitter. Our handle is @848.

Earlier this week we paid tribute to our former colleague Carlos Hernandez Gomez. After Carlos lost his battle with cancer we were left reflecting on to the enormous impression he made on us and on Chicago. Excerpts from this next comment sum up the spirit of Carlos.

Kent O. from Palos Park wrote on our website: That despite knowing little about Carlos, he'd felt a personal bond with him. Kent says that Mr. Gomez mixed fact and opinion. However, for some reason his reporting worked. It could be because his opinions jived so well with Kent's, although he hopes that is not the only reason. Kent would like to think it is because Carlos had such good political insights and because he talked like a friend. Kent asked us to pass along his condolences to Carlos's family. Carlos will be missed by all of us, and by many who followed his reporting.

Thank you for all your comments. We're always here to listen...and get your feedback on what you want from Eight Forty-Eight.

And, be sure to check out our blog, where you'll find a conversation about the illness that took the life of our engineer Melanie Palmer's 4-year-old daughter. You can learn more about syndrome and find out ways to donate to the foundation set up to remember Taylor Michelle Russell.

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