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Eight Forty-Eight 9.8.11

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Eight Forty-Eight 9.8.11

Gov. Pat Quinn indicated that Illinois may be facing layoffs.


WUIS news director Sean Crawford gives an update on the state budget amidst news from Gov. Quinn that layoffs are in the works. Then, Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association discusses the group’s investigation of generous pension benefits going to state workers. And Eight Forty-Eight continues to share listener memories of 9/11. Then, WBEZ reporter Odette Yousef shares the story of a local Muslim leader who says that the 10 years since the September 11th attacks tested his faith in America. And Eight Forty-Eight revisits an essay from Daniel Ferri about how life’s everyday moments endure after tragedy. All week Eight Forty-Eight has looked at how 9/11 transformed the world around us—for Chicagoans, that world was a highly vertical one. Eight Forty-Eight looks at how 9/11 changed the way Americans feel about erecting, living and working in tall buildings.

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