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Eight Forty-Eight 9.13.11

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Eight Forty-Eight 9.13.11

‘Eight Forty-Eight’ explores what it takes to get job seekers back on the market.


As the nation and president focus on job creation, Hal Weitzman of the Financial Times joins Eight Forty-Eight to discuss job prospects and skills training in Illinois. Then, Eight Forty-Eight talks with Justice Stephen Breyer about politics and the Supreme Court. And, John Wayne Gacy was one of the most gruesome serial killers in history--but Judge Sam Amirante believed that even Gacy was entitled to the best defense possible. In his new book with Danny Broderick, Amirante recalls what it was like to defend a monster. And Kevin Coval is out with his new book of poetry, L-vis Lives: Racemusic Poems, which explores the appropriation of African-American music and art by white artists--the poet and performer joins Eight Forty-Eight to discuss.

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