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Eight Forty-Eight 10.20.11

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Eight Forty-Eight 10.20.11

The Cleveland Clinic helps set Cleveland apart as a medical city.

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Clinic

WBEZ's Out of the Shadows series continues with a look at the process in which Chicago Public Schools treat kids with special needs like mental illness. WBEZ's Erica Hunter explores how the process works, what resources are available to kids and parents and how the system could work better. Then, Eight Forty-Eight opens up the phone lines to parents in need of legal and administrative advice. Attorney Micki Moran of the Child and Family Law Center of the North Shore and Chicago Public Schools' special education officer Richard Smith, join to answer listeners' questions about their legal rights in obtaining help for their mentally ill kids.

Saturday marks the anniversary of Freedom Day, when hundreds of thousands boycotted the quasi-official segregationist policies of Chicago Public Schools in late 1963. It's also the opening of a new interactive exhibit at the DuSable Museum of African American History, which features oral histories from the civil right era. WBEZ’s Richard Steele speaks with the people behind the Tell the Story civil rights archive.

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