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Burke, 80, Chicago’s longest-serving City Council member, is two weeks away from his June 24 sentencing hearing. Burke’s lawyers have asked the judge to give their client no prison time.
The city’s annual point-in-time count showed nearly 19,000 people were unhoused on a single night in January.

Federal and local officials have repeatedly said they are ready for what could be one of the biggest events to hit Chicago in decades.
Johnson is “mayor 24-7,” a spokesman says. “Appearances matter.” Most of his spending went to a South Side makeup artist, and a West Side barbershop was paid $4,000.
Since taking office, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s campaign has returned lobbyist contributions despite a ban on those donations.
This year’s budget was no easy feat, and next year’s is expected to be even more challenging as the state nears a looming fiscal cliff. Transit agencies in northeastern Illinois will face an expected budget deficit of $730 million in 2026.
The ordinance would allow fines for failing to meet safety certifications or for selling lithium-ion batteries that have been reassembled with cells from used batteries.

Mayor Brandon Johnson was questioned on his long term plans for a guaranteed income program that relies on expiring federal funds.

Sheinbaum promised to continue the political course set by her populist predecessor, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, despite widespread discontent with persistent cartel violence and disappointing economic performance.
A lawsuit filed in federal court in Illinois seeks to end the state’s use of cameras that record license plates, geolocations and photos, saying they violate the Fourth and 14th amendments.